The Master of Science in Quantum is a full-time STEM-designated 30-point program divided into two tracks:

  1. Engineering Track
  2. Physics Track

The program starts in the fall semester, and students complete the program over three semesters, generally finishing it by December of the following year.

Students are required to complete a set of core and elective courses, jointly taught by Columbia Engineering and Columbia Physics Department faculty members.

We also collaborate with the Flatiron Institute (a privately funded institute with one department devoted to quantum physics) and industry partners in the quantum space to design curricula, provide content for courses, and offer internships to students.

Required Core Courses

15 credits of core courses are required for both tracks: 

  1. COMS 4281 Introduction to Quantum Computing
  2. COMS 4282 Quantum Information
  3. ENGI E4000 Professional Development and Leadership
  4. PHYS 4082 Experiments in Quantum Physics
  5. PHYS 4084 Quantum Simulation and Computing Lab
  6. PHYS GR6037 Quantum Mechanics I
  7. PHYS GR6038 Quantum Mechanics II


Students will select from a variety of approved electives from Columbia Engineering and Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  A selection of approved electives are listed below. Students consult their academic advisors to select appropriate electives to achieve their academic and professional goals. 

  • APMA E4001 Principles of Applied Math
  • APMA E4008 Advanced Linear Algebra
  • APMA E4150 Applied Functional Analysis
  • APPH E4112 Laser Physics
  • APPH E4114 Quantum and Nonlinear Photonics
  • APPH E6082 Solid State II
  • CHEN E4880 Atomistic Simulation for Science and Engineering
  • COMS W4236 Introduction to Computational Complexity
  • COMS W4824 Computer Architecture
  • COMS W6998 Formal Verification of Systems Software
  • CSOR E4231 Analysis of Algorithms
  • ELEN E4411 Fundamentals of Photonics
  • ELEN E6333 Semiconductor Device Physics
  • ELEN E6414 Photonic Integrated Circuits
  • ELEN E6945 Device Nanofabrication
  • MSAE E4206 Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Solids
  • MECE E6137 Nanoscale Actuation and Sensing
  • MECE E6720 Nano/Microscale Thermal Transport Processes
  • GR6020 Frontiers of Condensed Matter
  • GR6060 Atomic Physics
  • GR6065 Quantum Optics
  • GR6080 Scientific Computing
  • GR6082 Condensed Matter Physics I
  • GR6083 Condensed Matter Physics II
  • GR8036 Advanced Statistical Mechanics
  • GU4024 Applied Quantum Mechanics